For the 9th straight time, Apple is ranked 1st in the world on Forbes list of “The World’s Most Valuable Brand” for 2019. Worth $ 205.5 billion, an increase of 12% from last year, after the value of the brand exceeded the barrier of $ 200 billion for the first time.

Interestingly, Apple has topped the list, and its value soared, came after a drop in the sales of iPhones produced by the company in the past months, Especially in China for its competitors Huawei and Xiaomi, which were cheaper in price, but despite this drop, the value of Apple shares jumped during the same period about 5%!

Forbes Magazine referred to the discrepancy between reduced sales of Apple’s produced technology and Apple brand’s worth in the financial and stock market in its report. Apple’s success in promoting its high services revenue represents its cloud services to users, such as Apple Pay, iTunes and others, with a profit of $ 37 billion last year, while Forbes expects the profits to reach $ 100 billion in 2023, which will also increase the power of the Apple brand.

Apple has been successful in relating its customer to their different products so that users are encouraged to move from one device to another offering another service but complementary to the first, and so on, for example made users of Mac devices usually use iPod, and users of the iPod encouraged to use the iPhone etc.

Forbes adds that Customers believe in the brand and the smooth operation of all its products in the Apple ecosystem. Apple customers trust the brand’s value, and their products and services because this company will always satisfy customer needs.

While Apple remains top of the list of the most expensive brands in the world, Google is going fast to the top, with its brand value of $ 167.7 billion, up 23% from last year. Google is ranked 2nd on the Forbes list.

Over the past 12 months, Google has occupied the global search engine market with 92% shares (much larger than its nearest competitors, Bing, 2.6% and Yahoo 1.9%). Like Apple, Google has successfully used its brand to drive its customers to move between its services And the everyday life of Google users is closely linked to company products such as email, web browser, maps and cloud storage. It is hard to imagine a life without these categories now!

Forbes says that while many global brands are suffering from changing customer habits, brands associated with technology companies are still able to control and grow. Both Microsoft and Amazon compete for the second and third positions on the list, Microsoft with 123.5 Billion dollars, and Amazon with 97 billion dollars, knowing that both brands jumped more than 20% than last year’s value.

Surprisingly, Facebook came in fifth place this year, and was the only one of the top ten to fall in value, which fell after the value of $ 88.9 billion, down 6% from last year.

While Facebook’s active users have reached 2.4 billion this year, the brand of the world’s largest social networking brand has been rocked by concerns about data protection, privacy policies and false news.

The sixth place in the list was for a company outside the field of technology, and was obtained by Coca-Cola, which amounted to 59.2 billion dollars, up 3% from last year.

SAMSUNG ranked 7th overall, with a value of $53.1 billion, and up 11%. Walt Disney, with its minimal comparison with SAMSUNG, ranked 8th overall, with a value of $52.6 billion, and up 10%. Toyota ranked 9th overall, with a value of $44.6 billion, and a constant growth rate since 2018. At the bottom of the list, McDonald brand’s value is $43.8 billion, and up 6%.

In numbers

he total value of the world’s 100 most expensive brands was estimated at $ 2.33 trillion in 2019, up 8% from last year. Technology brands were among the most high-priced brands this year, led by Amazon, whose brand has risen 37%, Netflix +34%, Google +27% and Adobe +27%.

The Swedish clothing company H & M was the biggest loser, with its brand value down 12% to only $ 11.5 billion. Forbes said H & M was forced to cut its product prices last year on clothing to clear excess inventory. However, the Swedish retailer isn’t the only company that declined, About 20 brands have a significant decline in value, including the ESPN brand -10%, GE -8% and Hyundai -8%.

As for a map of the most valuable brands in the world, American companies won 56 of the top 100, 80% of the top 10 brands, German companies 11, France 7, and Japan 6 brands from 16 countries made the final cut.

While technology companies topped the list of the top 100 brands in the world with 20 companies, followed by financial services with 13 brands, cars with 11 brands, packaged consumer goods 10, and retail 8.


As for the methodology used by Forbes magazine to develop its list of the most expensive brands in the world, it says that it has started with more than 200 international brands covering different types of companies and products. However, it has established a fundamental condition. The company selected in the final list should have an actual presence and a real business within the territory of the United States, which has excluded major brands such as Vodafone and Alibaba.

Forbes also points out that the revenue and profit data that was used in the evaluation process, compiled by the magazine from official reports issued by the companies themselves, as well as data and research from Wall Street experts.

Among the factors considered during the evaluation process is the role of the brand within its industry, noting that the brand represents an important value to the consumer when it comes to beverages or luxury goods, for example, while this value is lower with airlines and fuel where price and convenience are more important to the consumer.

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