The idea of making money through your online presence or social media channels is still confusing to many. Some people think they can earn thousands of dollars just by being there and not putting in any effort. Others refuse to believe the whole idea and think that making money online this way is a bubble used by some to deceive people.

However, the truth is that making money through your online presence or channels is realistic and it can really make a difference and provide a big boost in your financial income. But the fact is, it is not as easy and not as fast as promoted by some as it takes a lot of effort and time, and most importantly, a lot of experience.

In a very special experience presented by Jeff Rose, the co-editor of Forbes magazine, he shared an insightful report that lists some of the most popular and effective methods in boosting your financial gains, and how to maximize your earning potential through your digital presence and channels. Let’s take a look at the 5 most popular ways in detail.

1- Google Adsense.


If you visit any website, you’ll find at least one of Google’s ads appearing on one or more pages of the site. These ads are very popular across websites, not only because they’re easy to manage and add, but also because they become profitable when your site starts to gain views and visits.

One of the great things about Google ads is the ease of adding them. If you have a website or a blog, you can get a free Google AdSense account, and Google will give you some codes to add to your website. This will enable Google to calculate the number of views and visits to your website pages, and clicks that users have made on the ads shown, and therefore pay you for it.

But how much does Google pay for these ads? This is one of the great secrets of Google AdSense, which has never been revealed, and there is a lot of speculation on the Internet about it. But it is clear that the amount of money paid by Google for viewing and clicking on ads is not fixed, and it changes according to location and time.

One thing to keep in mind is that Google requires certain conditions on your site before agreeing to place ads on them. Your commitment to Google’s policies in publishing and writing content will also certainly affect your site’s search engine impression, which is reflected in the number of views. The more your content is original and in line with Google policies, and the more views your site receives, it makes it more likely for ads to appear on your site, which means the potential of getting more money.

2- Instant Articles

A few years ago, Facebook decided to go into advertising, adding “Instant Articles”, a service similar to Google AdSense, but which can be used only through views that come to your website through Smartphones.

Initially, the service was meant to help Facebook users to browse links faster, as the company tried to overcome the problem of slow download links while browsing through mobile phones. The service made it 10 times faster as a result of the company hosting those links on its own servers. Facebook then decided to expand the use of this service and placed within the links that operate through this feature commercial, which benefited the company and the other website owners.

In order to link your site to the Instant Articles service, you must first have an active page on Facebook. The company also requires a set of controls on the site to be accepted, and a strict policy regarding the content allowed to appear via instant articles, most importantly, to avoid content that encourages religious or political hatred or violence.

As with Google’s profit, Facebook does not explicitly state how the revenue is calculated for instant articles, but it is possible that the money you can earn from instant articles is much more than the money others get from Google AdSense.

3- Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common ways to make money online. In this way, you are marketing and promoting a specific product or service, and you get a commission from the product’s owner for completing the sale through your site. Put it this way, a “Salesperson” sells goods to consumers in an attractive manner and receives a percentage of profits. Your website, in this case, acts as a “salesperson” who sells goods to consumers in an attractive manner and receives a percentage of the profits.

This is done either by an agreement between you and the producer of the product directly, or by an agreement between you and an intermediate company, such as e-commerce companies -who acts as the link between the product and your website. One example of this is, and having that partnership expands the possibilities in front of you and enables you to choose what you promote on your site between the most popular goods that are easy to sell and make money from them.

Technically, “affiliate marketing” is done by using a special link to your site where the product owner can follow the visitors through your website and those who have completed the purchase. Through this link you can prove your right to a commission, and the value of the commission changes from one product to another according to its price.

Forbes editor Jeff Rose says that this method is one of the best in potentially earning a huge online profit, if you have experience in choosing the right product that you want to promote and get accepted by consumers. As an example, a friend working in this field earned nearly $ 100,000 a month from the goods and services she was promoting through her blog!

4- YouTube Ads


YouTube is another platform that can help you make money online. YouTube has an agreement with channel owners that has a certain number of followers, wherein YouTube publishes ads through the videos from those channels. Payment is made to those channels in exchange, and the amount of payment is estimated according to the number of views of each Video and the time spent by viewers on a single video.

In recent years, some YouTube channels have found an easy way to make money, where they can publish any video that attracts the attention of the public, which then gets millions of views and earn them thousands of dollars. This makes YouTube strictly control the content of the videos on which the ads will be placed. The most important of these controls is that there should be no copyright to others in the video or its audio and music clips. As a result of these controls, the content published through YouTube is more efficient and professional.

As for YouTube’s technical terms that will allow you and your channel to make a profit from it, first you must have at least 1000 subscribers on your channel, and the total number of videos you own on that channel must reach 4,000 hours views in the past 12 months.

It’s amazing that talented people who produce engaging, entertaining and insightful videos can make thousands or even millions of dollars through YouTube. One of YouTube’s most profitable content category are videos that target children, such as songs and gaming, where children watch them over and over again. Sections that provide educational content to viewers whether it’s about learning a new language or experimenting with new things are also highly profitable based on recent YouTube data.

5- Sponsored Posts

If you have a popular account on any of the social networking websites, followed by millions or even just thousands, you can take advantage of this account and turn it into a source of making money online.

Companies and brands usually approach accounts with huge numbers of followerson social networking sites, to promote their goods or websites in exchange for money or free products, and this is determined mostly how huge your follower base is and the impact on them.

This method is widespread in the Arab world, where many celebrity accounts, especially on Instagram, promote fancy goods such as cosmetics and perfumery products, in exchange for sums from the brands or the producers of these goods.

To become one of these influencers, you do not have to be an actor, a singer or even a football player. Many influencers have nothing to do with these three, but they have built their followers and influence for other reasons, such as writing attractive content for young people, commenting on social and cultural events, or even showcase their talents in any area they excel in.

There are other countless ways that can help you make money from the Internet or through your online channels while you’re sitting on your computer, but the methods we’ve listed in this report maybe the most famous and profitable, and you can find many tips online to help you learn and improve your earning potential through these methods.

Our advice is to choose the best way that enables you to merge your talent and interests and something that you will be passionate about. Searching for money itself is a good goal to have, but making something genuine and enjoyable which stems from your own creativity and you are passionate about, will certainly get the attention of others. Doing that will make you feel content and fulfilled. And then the money you’ve been dreaming of will come to you.