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Brick rigs for windows 10

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Review Filters. All Reviews:. As the Brick Rigs progresses more and more much of the game content will be unlocked for you. Sign In. The game allows you to build any kind of vehicle from the wide variety of bricks and experience their dynamic driving in sandbox mode. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages.


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I think that this is well worth taking a closer look at. The idea of the game is to use your creative genius and come up with all kinds of cool vehicles.

Remember when you used to spend hours as a kid building all kinds of crazy stuff with your Legos? Well, that is basically what you have here. You have an unlimited amount of bricks that you can use and the only limitation on offer here is your own creativity.

There really is no limit to the kind of vehicle you can come up with in Brick Rigs. We both have pretty weird imaginations so we were coming up with all kinds of crazy stuff.

There is an online component to this game, but I found the community to be a bit on the exhausting side. Not to mention the fact that the game well on my PC seemed to have a fair bit of trouble staying smooth when there were a ton of bricks on the screen at the same time. It does this by letting you actually use the vehicles you have created. You can test the physics of your creation and this is very amusing. You spend hours building a crazy car only for it to be uncontrollable and smash into the side of a hill!

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