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Apple motion 5 tracking mask free

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In video editing, motion tracking is the process of tracking the trajectory of a moving object in the footage. The tracking data is later applied to other visual elements so that they can move together.

This technique is used in many cases if you want to level up your video:. Technically, software with motion tracking features enables you to do these creative edits but differs in tracking precision, ease of use, price, and other editing capabilities. Taking these factors into account, we finally figure out the 10 best motion software.

Here’s a quick navigation:. Kdenlive is an open source and free video editing program that recently packed a motion tracker into its Effects option. This tool analyzes the tracking data of an object designated by you and maps out its moving track automatically.

Then with this track, you can add motion effects , align a title, an image, an icon, and any 2D elements to the moving object. As one of its main features, the algorithms of Motion Tracker have been updated constantly, which results in a higher tracking success rate and faster tracking speed.

Another open source and free motion tracking app on our list is Blender, a great VFX video editing software. It’s the leading software that developed motion tracker a long time ago, but the automatic motion tracking add-on was created in 2. Blender is capable of both 2D motion tracking and camera tracking. After fetching some tracking points of the elements in a video, Blender empowers you to add 2D texts or icons to the selected element, remove shakiness, bumps, and jerks from the footage, and build a 3D scene based on tracking markers so to add 3D objects to the scene.

If you are learning basic 2D motion tracking, the free version of HitFilm Express is a good place to start. It has two types of motion tracking to get better tracking results — Single Point for tracking the position only and Double Points for tracking the position, the scale, or the rotation of an object.

With the tracking data, it enables you to either stabilize the footage or transform the point with a CG object. The remarkable tracking method in it is Optical flow. By determining the flow of brightness of the moving object, it successfully tracks a moving object that changes into different shapes or is obscured for a few frames. So, beginners can save much time and energy customizing options to deal with complicated frames.

The motion tracking feature in VSDC is much simpler to use for fewer options and parameters to cope with. You just need to select the area to follow up, then VSDC analyzes its trajectory which will be saved as a movement map afterward, and apply the track to another object you added in a new layer, such as, filters, masks, titles, images, animations, and other elements in free shapes. But if the object moves very fast or disappears for a few frames, it will fail to analyze or map out an inaccurate path.

Compared to the rest, Filmora is the easiest motion tracking software. It hides all the intimidating parameters that you have to learn in other apps and calculates them behind the scene automatically. With the tracking data, you can add visual elements from its preset folder or your computer to it.

It also adds the mosaic effect to this option, so you can quickly blur the face in your video. Davinci Resolve, the industrial-level video editing software, stands out for RAW editing, multi-cam editing, professional color grading, and also, motion tracking. It has two motion tracking modes — Point Tracker and Planar Tracker.

With the former option, texts and titles you insert are similar to common overlay but move together with the object. While with the other, you can see these elements in different angles in an object that is tilting.

And that’s how a phone screen on someone’s hand is replaced. It’s time to switch from Premiere Pro to After Effects if you really want to level up your video. So you can create almost everything you need to add to your source video, cinematic titles, animated texts, and 3D graphics. Besides, the tracking data it detects can be also used to stabilize the footage, mask faces, dynamic crop, etc. It was born late but integrated the Academy Award winning Mocha masking and planar tracking system. It lets you attach pictures and texts precisely and even fit the changing perspective.

With this feature, you can also obscure faces, license info, and any private objects. In fact, Final Cut Pro cannot track the path of moving objects automatically per se. It is the plugins that extend its power to the maximum. Without plugins, you have to browse the video frame by frame and insert keyframes in terms of the moving path. Premiere Pro seems a must for anyone learning video editing for its excellent editing capabilities.

But to give the maximum power to users, Premiere Pro does not have many presets and automatic tools. As for motion tracking, the auto option only works when masking and blurring a face.

Otherwise, you need to add texts or resize the footage by inserting and adjusting numerous keyframes, or install an extension to convert the tracks of the mask to any transformed elements. Motion tracking detects the path of a moving object in the 2D space and the visual effects added accordingly are flat. But camera tracking is more complicated. It detects the motion path shot by the camera in the real world, so you can compose 3D effects to the footage.

No, iMovie only offers some basic editing features. If you want to attach an icon to a moving object, you need to insert keyframes, and adjust its position in every keyframe. Cecilia Hwung is the marketing manager of Digiarty Software and the editor-in-chief of VideoProc team. She pursues common progress with her team and expects to share more creative content and useful information to readers. She has strong interest in copywriting and rich experience in video editing tips. VideoProc is a primary branch of Digiarty Software that is a leading multimedia software company founded in It endeavors to provide easier hardware-accelerated video audio editing and conversion solutions.

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This technique is used in many cases if you want to level up your video: Motion blur on faces or other objects. Replace a phone screen or a billboard in dynamic shots. Apply color grading partially. Stabilize shaky footage. Create VFX 3D camera tracking. About The Author. Cecilia Hwung. Subscribe to VideoProc Subscribe. All rights reserved.


Apple motion 5 tracking mask free. Create complex masks in Final Cut Pro

Import clips recorded in Cinematic mode on iPhone, then create rack focus effects, switch focus between subjects, or modify depth of field. Note: If you want to composite the clip over a background clip, you must use connected clips. Note: You can also edit the shape parameters after you draw the mask.


Apple motion 5 tracking mask free

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