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Problem Booting Win10 in VMWare Workstation for Fi – VMware Technology Network VMTN


The installation including installation of VMware tools is without a problem. I’ve seen on the internet other virtualization products having difficulties to install VMware tools, but Workstation 11 tech preview did the job.

I’ll outline the steps I took to install this version of Windows Please note that Windows 10 tech preview can also be tested on physical computer, it’s not recommended that it’s a principal machine, as you never know what can happen.

I also tested an upgrade from Windows 7. This worked well too and the process is slightly different than clean installation as you need to download previously small exe file from Microsoft, which will trigger a big upgrade through the Windows Update channel.

After several reboots you get W10 machine with windows. Windows 10 tech preview ISO — get it here needs sign up to the tech preview program first. From the drop down list choose Windows 8 pick the same version than your ISO — x32 or x64!! It probably takes me more time to take the screenshots then the actual process of installing. Quite fast….

First start of Windows 10 — You’ll need to setup the OS first. You have 2 choices, where you’ll need to enter some details or not. In my case I also tested the option where you enter a fake e-mail address and I got a screen like this I think that Windows 10 is looking very promising.

The rule saying that every second OS from Microsoft is good is probably right again. The question is — what else to improve? In this release Microsoft finally adding possibility to have multiple desktops.

Feature that there has been for ages with third party software tools. The windows behaviors and look without borders looks like OSX….. Yes there is a start menu. I wonder if the main failure of W8. Support and patches in general when talking about different OSes. There will always be the question of support and patches. If OS does not receive patches from Microsoft any more, then users will more likely migrate.

XP users??? The security threads, malware… are everywhere and if your OS isn’t patched you’re vulnerable. Note that there is an offer from VMware that allows buying Workstation 10 now and benefit the free upgrade to Workstation 11 when it will become available. Upgrades from VMware Workstation 9. It means that if you buy Workstation 10 now you’re automatically entitled for Workstation 11 when it will be released. Connect on: Facebook. Feel free to network via Twitter vladan.

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